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Jodie is a qualified Hairdresser and Make-Up Artist with over 20 years of knowledge and skills. Bridal hair styling is where her true passion and creativity lies. 


  "It’s her mission to ensure you feel like the most beautiful version of you on your wedding day"


With her industry experience, Jodie can suggest a hair maintenance plan in the lead up to the wedding, to ensure your hair is in optimal condition for your special day.


If you are a lover of waves, ponytails and effortless upstyles then we are the perfect style team together for your vision.


Jodie loves seeing the magic of emotion when brides first enter the room, dressed in their custom gown beaming with excitement! This is a beautiful moment when you see their dream style vision come to life. 



Fun Facts:

+  Top traits are; independent, loyal, artistic, introverted, patient and genuine.

+  My guilty passions are a warming bowl of gnocchi pasta and chocolate…..any type!

+  Love to relax and soak up the sunshine on a tropical island holiday. My favourite beach is Tulum in Mexico.

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