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Our hearts go out to all our beautiful brides who are planning a wedding under these circumstances! We know its not easy and trust us when we hasn't been easy for us either. Please know that we are doing our absolute best and will continue to work with you for the best possible outcome!

Due to the uncertainty surrounding current climates, we do understand and empathise that circumstances for your wedding may change with little notice. As a collective we try to be as accomodating as possible for our brides and special guests.


Whilst your deposit is non refundable, we are happy to work with you to postpone your special day to another date within a 12 month period, where we would happily transfer any monies paid to the new date. However please keep in mind, dependant on availability you may not always be able to secure the exact same artists. If you do choose to cancel your booking completely, your deposit will be withheld.

Extra Strength and Love to you at this time.

Xx Britt & The Collective

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