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The Duchess - Meghan Markle

On the 19th May 2018 the whole world waited in Anticipation of the Royal Wedding!

Some threw incredible 'royal wedding' parties, some had luxe cheese platters and champagne as they watched the wedding live on the big screen!

I on the other hand was in my Island home in the Philippines, in bed, red wine in hand with my favourite person - My hubby! We live streamed it from 2 screens just incase one cut out (Hello Philippines lousy internet connection) and hey it worked well- i was getting 2 different guest perspectives - twice the chances of spotting Harvey, Donna, Louis and Mike! (Hello to all the other suits fans out there!)

While i was all emotionally invested (as i always am with weddings) my hubby was researching the history of the British monarchy and the royal family dated back to like forever ago! What an intellectual!

Anywhoo... the moment arrived and i can almost promise i was as nervous as her! I literally had butterflies in my stomach and felt sick with excitement! like the rest of the world watching i guess!

Now Fast Forward almost 2 weeks...and we are still hearing about this momentous Royal Wedding! and like as if there isn't enough people who have shared their 2 Cents worth... Heres mine...

Theres honestly a million aspects i would love to talk about, but i'm just going to stick to my own expertise... Hair and Makeup!

As i already posted on Instagram just days after the wedding, WE LOVED IT! Her makeup was simple, natural, effortless and elegant! Which i feel is a perfect representation of who she is!

She copped a lot of flack for her 'lack of sparkle' lack of makeup', 'hair falling out' , 'dress doesn't fit' and the rest...

But i mean really... can anyone actually say that she's not naturally gorgeous? She is simply and effortlessly beautiful in every sense of the word, and she stayed true to that on her wedding day, despite knowing the whole world was watching! Good on her!!

Her freckles were showing through, her skin looked fresh and youthful, there was no frosted highlight or dark contour under her cheek bones! Just a soft bronze and glow!

Her beauty is classic and timeless!

Ive always been a firm believer that less is more...and enhancing a woman's natural beauty, not covering it over is what Ella&Me is based on! We create skin that looks and feels like skin, glows from within and lasts all day!

Meghan is our new muse and has inspired us to continue creating our gorgeous natural signature style on our brides to be! and we hope that she has inspired more woman to embrace their natural beauty on their wedding day!

Classic is back ladies!!!

xx B

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