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Pre Bridal Makeup Trial - Necessary or not?

"Do i really need to have a trial?", "I totally trust you guys, i won't worry about a trial", "i've run out of time in the lead up, i might have to give the trial a miss and just wing it on the day"

We hear this all too often! and here's what we think... in all honesty!

You don't HAVE to have a trial! We are highly trained and skilled hair and makeup artists that have looked after countless brides! Many of us have worked backstage on runway and editorial shoots, we are used to being thrown in the deep end! So you don't have to worry about us! We are 110% capable of absolutely nailing your bridal look on the day!

But is that all that is involved in a trial?

Is the trial purely for us to practice on your face?

No... most definitely not. In fact, the trial, more importantly is about you, and what you are after for your special day. But also, its an opportunity for you to meet your artist, to become familiar, so that on the day the whole process is less daunting for YOU!

Its also an opportunity to see what works well for your skin. On the day, we can do everything right and create the perfect look, but you may react to a certain product that you weren't even aware you had an allergy to! or you may think that you want lashes but in fact after your finished and ready you decide you don't, wasting precious time on the day!

Pinterest is the bomb!!! you can find endless amounts of hair and makeup inspo on there! (I waste so much time on Pinterest too... don't worry) But what looks good on a model or on someone else, may not necessarily work for your face shape or eye shape etc! Or you may think you like that winged liner and red lip on her, but when its done on your face, even though its done perfectly and looks great, you decide its just not you! and you opt for a subtle gloss and simple smokey eye instead.

Having a trial is an opportunity to do all these things so that on the day both you and your artist know exactly what you want! You can try multiple lipsticks, try with or without false lashes. Maybe you might want a strip lash or some individuals. You DO NOT want to be going through the trial and error process on your wedding day!

I said i'd be completely honest so....having said all of that... i have had a few brides that for various reasons have chosen not to have a trial and everything worked out just fine! I guess its up to you! Depends how easy going you are, what your after, your circumstances and if your willing to risk it.

But if your not sure... then book a trial!!! If its because of the extra money, or you cant get work off, trust me...its worth the extra cost and perhaps the day off work, for the peace of mind on one of the biggest days of your life! and we couldn't recommend having a trial highly enough!

When should you book in your trial? How close/far away from the wedding?

Some brides want to have a trial early on, sometimes even 1 year before the wedding, however we recommend having a trial 4-6 weeks prior to your special day! For a few reasons:

1. So much can change in a year, even over many months, including trends, your likes and dislikes and your overall desired look for the day! What you think you want for your hair and makeup at the time may change before the big day!

2. Having the trial 4-6 weeks out, leaves enough time before the wedding but also everything is still fresh in yours and your artists mind for your wedding!

You can always have a trial at time of booking and one closer to the date if your worried about this! and once again its ultimately up to you, but this is our recommendation :)

xx B

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