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How to Plan a Fun & Relaxed Wedding Morning

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The morning of your wedding is supposed to be relaxed & fun!

We have been a part of COUNTLESS wedding mornings, so we've observed some really beautifully planned mornings and some not so organised ones! I guess you could say we've learnt a thing or two about how to run a smooth and successful wedding morning and we want to share it with you! We thought we would compile a list of things you can plan ahead of time to make sure your wedding morning has the perfect vibe and atmosphere to get ready in!

The morning preparations is where your special day begins, and like the rest of your day, it too should be perfect!

TIP 1 - Don't have EVERYONE there!

Have a select few people, your nearest and dearest. Your bridesmaids, you're bestie, your mum, grandma - whoever your special people are. But make clear to everyone else - you love them, but you'll see them down the aisle! You'll have plenty of time to see everyone during the celebration, and they will understand you cant have EVERYONE there whilst your getting ready.

Trust us... we've seen it far too many times...well meaning aunties, uncles, neighbours, cousins, long lost friends and relatives "just dropping by"! Which of course is so lovely but it honestly can cause chaos and isn't conducive to that relaxing space you're trying to create.

Mini Tip - If you DO want to have everyone around - just have a seperate room for hair and makeup, so its not too stressful for your artists and yourself while your having makeup done.

TIP 2 -Get a caterer or someone you know to organise DECENT FOOD!

You don't want to be hungry on the day, and feeling nauseous. But you certainly do not want to be making sandwiches for anyone on your wedding day! Its your wedding day! Go all out! Get an antipasto platter, with cheese & meats, dips and biccies with some fruit on the side, so you have something to snack on throughout the morning! Either have a good brekkie or make sure you eat lunch! Especially if you have a later afternoon wedding... we don't want you fainting at the end of the aisle. Have someone organise lunch to be delivered to you on the day ready to go so theres no fuss! Gone are the days of brides starving themselves before saying 'I DO'.

Mini Tip- Have one of your bridesmaids or friends make up a small plate for your hair and makeup artists on the day, so they can nibble too, while still working. They'll be so thankful for the snack while they work away!

Get creative & make up some fun mimosas or drinks with edible flowers, make it pretty! Its your wedding day!

TIP 3 - Make a Spotify Playlist!

Music literally makes or breaks an atmosphere - we all know that! Of course you've organised and put a lot of thought into the music to be played AT the wedding and on the dance floor, but no one really thinks too much about the music while your getting ready and its actually so important to creating a calm and fun vibe for everyone and especially for the bride!

Create a calm relaxed music playlist, this is nice for some background music while everyone is chatting and getting hair and makeup done, and also helps with keeping the nerves at bay. Include all your fave songs, maybe some of you and your besties fave songs to sing along to! Also its fun to create a more upbeat playlist if you want to have a little dance with your girls and get pumped up depending on your mood!

Mini Tip - Don't include any of your wedding day songs in the playlist. Eg- First dance or father daughter dance song - this is most likely going to make you (the bride) cry - if not you- definitely the mother of the bride. Obviously tears will happen naturally throughout the morning for some, and thats ok- but we want to try and keep it a minimum especially while getting your makeup done.

TIP 4 - Choose a really well lit area to get ready in!

Choose a nice bright, open space, minimal clutter and with windows and natural light. Not only does this lift the mood and create a nice calm vibe, its WAY better for photos & your artists will require this beautiful natural light for your hair and makeup! Take this into consideration if your booking an airbnb or deciding where in your home to get ready, trust us.. it makes a MASSIVE difference to the whole vibe on the day!

Mini Tip- Think too about creating a beautiful space for your wedding morning. Have some fresh flowers around, a candle burning, or some essential oils. All of these things create a beautiful space! Also think about what clutter is around the house - if your getting ready in your home, or in the Air BNB where you've been staying a while - do a good clean up before the day, and put away all the clutter! Clean and tidy areas make you feel good, but you'll have much nicer photos with clean backdrops! Your photographer will Thank you for it!

TIP 5 - Be Prepared - Especially if you have a DIY wedding

Make sure all the necessary details of your wedding are finished the day or night before or assign someone on the day to take care of it - Wedding planners and events managers are GREAT for this! But if its DIY then ask a friend or family member to finalise things on the day! You do not want to be running around crafting anything or making design decisions on the morning. You should be relaxed and enjoying this time, sipping on champagne or mimosas with your girls!

Mini Tip- Finalise everything the night before you go to sleep so you can rest easy knowing you have nothing to do in the morning except be pampered. Hang your dress in its place, pull out your jewellery, your bridal robe and perfume and have everything together. Get a good nights rest!

We hope that these tips can help you to plan a really nice relaxing and fun wedding morning! Its one of the most special days of your life and these last moments before becoming MRS should be cherished! Nerves are going to be at a high naturally, so by preparing some of these things in advance it will help to create a beautiful calm atmosphere for everyone, but especially you- The Bride.

Xx B

Britt Lette- Ella&Me The Makeup Collective

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